The Swag

The Starter Gift Pack - FREE SHIPPING Australia-Wide


The Starter gift pack is the perfect gift for anyone who;

  • Loves Food
  • Hates Waste
  • Is environmentally conscious
  • Is money conscious
  • Is health conscious
  • Or simply wants to make a difference in this wonderfully crazy world of ours

The starter gift pack is sent with a beautiful brochure to explain what The Swag is all about.

Gift wrapping includes a personalised gift card and information booklet

Orders over $40.00 receive FREE POSTAGE AND HANDLING Throughout Australia!

FOR FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING simply round up three of your 'like minded' friends and each purchase a Starter Pack and you'll receive FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING!! 

International Purchases over $270 receive FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. Please review disclaimer.

Thank you, for choosing the all Australian Swag – Happy gifting people!

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