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5 Tips to Reduce Food Wastage

by The Swag Team | November 9, 2017
5 Tips to Reduce Food Wastage

Every year, one third of the food produced throughout the world goes to waste. That’s around 1.3 billion tonnes of edible goods that get dumped into landfill only to waste away.


It’s no secret that this is a lot of food to literally throw away. Most of us are probably guilty of over-serving our plates or chucking out something we never got around to eating. So how do we make sure we’re minimising the amount of food wastage we’re creating?


Here are 5 easy tips you can begin implementing right away…


  1. Only buy what you need


Sounds obvious, right? But think about all those times you’ve bought something only to throw it out a few days, weeks or months later because it’s either out of date or you simply don’t want it taking up space in your cupboard any longer. Planning your meals ahead is a good way to avoid over-buying ingredients, as it will allow you to know exactly what and how much you need. It’s also good to keep in mind that if you live close to a supermarket, you can always go back and buy something if you end up needing it. You’ll probably find that you won’t end up making that extra trip after all…


  1. Store your fresh produce properly


We know what you’re thinking – “it’s easy not to waste packaged goods, but what about my fresh fruit and veggies?” Most people store these fresh wholefood items in freezer bags, only to find that they become soggy after a few days. However, you can avoid this problem entirely by investing in sustainable storage bags such as the Swag. These items allow you to keep your delicious fresh produce crisper for longer, meaning you’ll have more time to use them in recipes and less wastage in your bin!


  1. Freeze your left-overs


On those days when you cook too much of a certain recipe, your freezer is your best friend. Instead of throwing out the remainder of your dish or letting it sit in your fridge for days, put it in a container and pop it in the freezer. This will allow you to store it for weeks on end, meaning you can just microwave it for a few minutes when you next want a quick and easy home-cooked meal. With this simple solution, there’s no need to throw out your delicious cooking creations.


  1. Pay attention to the use by dates


When you’re buying products that you know are only edible for a few days once opened, it’s important to think about whether you can use them in that time. Before putting them in your trolley, have a think about whether you’ll have a chance to finish the product before its use by date. If not, reconsider whether you need it or search for one with a more distant date that works for you.


  1. Know what’s in your fridge or pantry


Have you ever bought something only to put it in your fridge or cupboard and forget it’s there? We all have. But it can be a real problem if we’re constantly throwing out products that we never get to use simply because we never know they’re there! Being mindful of what items you have at any given time is a great way to reduce this, as you can plan to use up certain things by their use-by dates if necessary. Organising your fridge to have a better view of what’s inside or creating meal and snack plans is also a great way to ensure you always know what’s available – the key is finding a process that works for you!