The Swag

Caring For Your Swags

by Peita Pini | December 23, 2016
Caring For Your Swags
1. When you first receive your Swags, before use- turn your Swags inside out and wash separately or with your regular wash (mixed load - warm wash). 
2. If you use a lot of washing powder or fabric softener take your Swags out of the wash and whilst still wet and inside out, pour half a cup of vinegar (white vinegar - no frills) over your Swags and put on a quick rinse cycle. The vinegar removes all or most of the soap residue and detergents from your Swags and puts them back to their delicious 100% natural state.
3. Dry inside out in full sun. The sun is a natural bleacher and sanitiser. Make sure your Swags are 100% dry before you put them Back in Your cupboard. 
4. Wash your used Swags roughly every two weeks or as needed.
5. Remember to use the colour coded trims to help you to easily remember what's in each Swag. It also reminds you which fruit & veggies you need to use first.
Happy Swagging!