The Swag

Ideas often start with a problem!

by Peita Pini | October 5, 2016
Ideas often start with a problem!

I have a theory. If you really want to invent a new product then just look at your own life and the problems you frequently face. If this problem truly drives you nuts, work on a great solution and you have a business.

In the late 90's I started going out dancing. I was new to high heels and they absolutely slaughtered my feet so I encouraged my girlfriends to start going out in 'hot pants' and sneakers (I can't believe I just said that out loud!!).  I love to dance but back then, I really struggled in high heels. Vanity (and boys) prevailed and I knew I had to find a way to get high heels and dancing to mix, so I developed a home made solution. 

I took Carefree panty liners (back in those days panty liners were thick and fragranced - whooohoooo!) For the fellas - panty liners are like a very small, thin(ish) modest pad for the lady garden! Moving right along... I'd stick the thick panty liner onto the balls of my feet and then cut out the side shape of my foot and slide it into my high heels. It became a ritual, each Friday and Saturday night, before we went out dancing I'd do this to my feet and all my girlfriends feet. We'd dance all night without a problem. Back then, I recognized it was a business idea but I was young and having way too much fun. Ten years or so later a similar product launched onto the market and it still exists on the market today. 

That's how simple it is to discovering a new business idea - it's about reconditioning your brain to instead of getting cranky when you face a problem, ask yourself - is there a business idea here? How can I solve this?

Personally, I really love and find it satisfying when I find a solution to a problem.

My Swag journey started in a similar way, well over ten years ago. I'm sure many of you will relate to this story. I was rummaging through the crisper of my fridge, where all my veggies were individually sealed in the plastic bags I'd packed them in when I bought them from the shops. I found some bags hiding at the bottom of the crisper. I wasn't entirely sure how long they'd been there however the contents were rotten. This really frustrated me. I felt wasteful and I'd also worked hard to pay for that food - so it made me angry! I continued rummaging through the other plastic bags and found zucchini’s starting to go off and I noticed the zucchinis were sweating. I cut away the dead/dying bits and washed away the slimy, sweaty stuff. But, It was the sweaty slime that really got me thinking. I started asking my friends and family what they did and the answers were varied and conflicting however the end result was that they still were totally dissatisfied with the results of anything they were using.

One of my very good girlfriends in Melbourne actually used a plastic container with a layer of paper towel and then a layer of lettuce, then paper towel and lettuce and so on until filled to the top. When I opened the container, it smelt revolting.  I knew there had to be a better solution and I was on a mission.... I was determined to find a better way. 

Stay tuned for more on the evolution of The Swag and my journey to finding a better way to store fresh fruit and veggies... Happy Swagging!