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Reusable - a Natural HIGH!

by Peita Pini | May 14, 2017
Reusable - a Natural HIGH!

Get a natural HIGH - Go Reusable! 

The stats of why we should all go reusable are GINORMOUS! However, I'm going to give you a slightly different, personal perspective. My honest, raw, emotive, one sided - human perspective. If you want a more detailed and scientific perspective please head to why use a reusable bag

Unfortunately, there are not a huge number of things left in life that make me feel, totally empowered as a human being. That’s sad in itself. However, when I walk out of a shop without a plastic bag, I feel amazing! I’m super proud... it's a happiness almost on the same parallel as helping a complete stranger cross the road. When you go out of your way, without any attachment to the outcome and instead simply, just help someone and you actually walk off with a natural high. It makes you feel so GOOOOD!

When I'm shopping, fellow 'reusebies' give each other the nod. It's kind of like SAAB drivers use to do back in the 70's. They waved to each other because there was a comradeship. They were driving a SAAB and even though they're complete strangers, they waved at each other. Well, this comradeship has moved to the shopping isles people! There is so much love coming your way when you start bringing your own reusable/durable carry bags to the shops. We're all starting to really acknowledge each other, communicate and congratulate each other - it's a movement, it's love, it's about our future and the legacy we're leaving behind. Sometimes it’s a nod, sometimes a simple smile and sometimes it's a conversation. It's a connection on a spiritual, emotional and practical level.

It does take a bit of brain retraining and below are my tips for remembering your reusable bags;

Always keep your reusable carry bags in the boot of your car. If you happen to forget them (which happens a lot until they become habit) then you can always ask for a cardboard box OR pack everything (loose) back into the trolley and pack it into your carry bags when you get to your car. Lets face it - you'll probably pack it better than many shop assistants anyway.

Lean on the 'bag share' section. If you don't have a bag share at your 'local' supermarket then please lobby for one. It's awesome! My husband cleans the car and takes all of my carry bags out of the car and in this instance, I lean on the bag share box like you won't believe. I really love the bag share concept. for those of you that don't know, it's basically a box filled with all types of shopping bags from canvas bags to promo bags and even reusable plastic bags - it's SO fab! When you go back to the shops, simply pop your borrowed bags back into the bag share for someone else to use..AHmaZing!

I actually started carrying one of my grocery shopping bag's in my handbag. This way, if I happen to pick up any last minute shopping (food or clothes!) along the way to my car then I have a carry bag ready to go.

BIN BAGS! Now, if you use your shopping bags as bin bags - that's great... that's better than paying for bin bags however I urge you, please don't use a bin bag AT ALL! Ditch the bin bags completely. Honestly, just throw all of your rubbish into your bin and empty this into your council bin. A simple hose out or wipe down and you're back in business. This will save you so much money plus help our environment beyond words. I'm going to do a separate post on this, as I'm very passionate about it.

This is just another simple way of saving money plus the environment... Go forth and conquer!