The Swag

The Swag - Australian Patent No. 2015221423

by Peita Pini | February 8, 2017
The Swag - Australian Patent No. 2015221423

The Swag reached another major milestone on the 3rd of February 2017 - our Australian Patent No. 2015221423 has been granted... yay! Hopefully all of the international patent(s) that are currently pending will follow suit. 

It is in fact quite difficult to get a patent. You must have an original invention and be able to describe how someone could make and use it to achieve some result that is better at something that was previously possible. You also must precisely define the legal scope of the invention, such that other people can tell whether they are infringing your patent or not. 

The Swag proudly joins a long list of great Aussie inventions.