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The Swag Journey - Finding The Energy!

by Peita Pini | December 10, 2016
The Swag Journey - Finding The Energy!

The Swag Journey- Finding The Energy!

... That's where The Swag idea stayed as just that - an idea, and it remained that way for several years. Although I was always thinking about it, and my idea actually continued to evolve over time, life took over as it does! I had two beautiful children but whilst I was still on maternity leave with my second child, my father passed away from cancer.

My father was a nature lover, he was kind, compassionate and the most honest man I've ever met. He actually wanted to go into politics to make a difference and spark a change. In particular, my father had a deep sadness regarding the state of our environment and lack of spirit for life that 'grown ups' are leaving to the next generations. Sadly my father never got into politics as just before he was about to run for state elections, my mum was diagnosed with cancer and he pulled out of the race.

One night whilst on maternity leave in 2013 with my second child I was home alone watching TV and I flicked onto a documentary that was so horrifying I could only watch two minutes of it. It touched me so deeply that I was a blubbering mess. I got up off the couch, went into the office and registered The Swag trading name, business name, ACN, domaine name(s) everything I could possibly register and I started my journey of ordering and experimenting, testing, refining and researching my product.
This phase was really, really hard as I had to try to keep everything confidential because I hadn't yet locked in the patent at that stage. I'm an open book and I'm very passionate so it was hard and unnatural to be secretive.

Finally, after a huge amount of researching, testing and refining I was able to find the perfect combination of materials. The feeling was overwhelming. The resuits were undeniable - The Swag actually worked and I could barely contain my excitement!

This is where the journey of patenting, trademarking, marketing and manufacturing kicked in. I actually managed to keep the idea completely under wraps up until the international patent(s) all went through. Honestly, for the past ten years I've been expecting someone would come up with the idea. From the beginning I had a very clear vision of the product, brand, marketing, manufacturing - almost like I'd done this all before in a past life. I certainly had moments of doubt, however underneath it all was a strong unwaivering belief in The Swag and all that it represents.
This idea/invention had been burning a hole in my heart and mind for over ten years!

For the last four years, I've spent weekends and many, many very late nights getting into action for my children, for all children and for the legacy we are going to leave them one day. I've wanted to give up so many times I couldn't even tell you, but everything has its tipping point, and I had eventually come way too far to give up. That is the reason why I named my company Sway International PTY LTD. Sometimes simple, understated things make huge change - the wind can sway a tree that's rooted into the earth either gently or aggressively. The wind is light, soft, unrecognisable, unseen but it can have such a driving force - The Swag is one of many simple ideas trying to make this world a better place.

More insights to come on my journey of manufacturing, marketing and patenting soon...