Help and Advice

We’re here to help! So, if you need us, please contact [email protected].

BEFORE USE… you must wash your Swags in a cool machine wash. Your precious Swags have been pre-washed however as it’s a natural fabric, a small amount of shrinkage may still occur even with correct handling. We’ve actually made our Swags bigger to compensate for possible shrinkage. Washing your Swags on a cold gentle wash will help reduce the chance of shrinkage. If you dry your Swags in a clothes dryer they could shrink significantly.

The Swag does not ‘need’ to be in the crisper of your fridge, so if you run out of room in your crisper The Swag will still work incredibly well even in the shelf-space of your fridge as long as they’re kept damp. Wash your Swags roughly every two weeks or as needed following the care label sewn into the lining of each Swag.

We strongly encourage you to look through the FAQ’s section of our website – it’s a great read and will give you all the information you need to get the best money saving techniques out of The Swag such as how to use and how to care for your Swags.

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