Plastic Free Shopping Bundle

AUD $169.95 inc GST


Say goodbye to toxic plastic bags and go 100% natural with this plastic free shopping bundle consisting of:

2 x Starter Packs (4 x Small Swags , 2 x Long Swags, 2 x Large Swags)

2 x Heavy Duty Swag Branded Grocery Carry Bags

2 x Produce Bags Sets (8 produce bags in total)

Say goodbye to toxic plastic. Happy Swagging!

Take your Swag carry bags and produce bags along with you to the shops and ditch plastic bags at the point of sale.  For larger, bulky items such as potatoes, carrots etc just load up your carry bags.  For smaller, loose items such as leaf spinach, grapes, cherries etc use your 100% natural produce bags – our produce bags weigh less than 14 grams so they barely register on the scales at the point of purchase.

When you get home from shopping, you can transfer your fruit and veggies into your snuggly Swags so they can get their beauty sleep and stay fresher for much longer.

With the Plastic Free Shopping Bundle, whilst one set of Swags are in the wash, you’ll always have clean dry Swags on hand.

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