Introducing The Swag Wrap: a Plant-Based Reusable Food Wrap & they’re so GOOD!

Wrap your half-cut fruit such as half of a ripe avocado or juicy tomato and pop them back into your snuggly Swags for their beauty sleep. They’re also great as a natural & Vegan-friendly cover your salad bowls and leftovers!

Each Swag Wrap set contains TWO Swag Wraps;

One: 35 x 35cm Swag Wrap

One: 25 x 25cm Swag Wrap

These little beauties are lovingly handcrafted in South Australia using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton using a plant-based wax (VEGAN-friendly), damar resin (no pine resin due to high allergen issues) and jojoba oil. There is no coconut oil in these wraps which means they will not go greasy either! You can even cut them up into the sizes you prefer and tailor them to your needs.


Happy Swagging!