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The Swag Grocery Bag



A handy, heavy duty carry bag for those wonderful fresh produce retail therapy shopping sessions! Ditch the plastic bags at the point of sale... just load up these little beauties up with your lovely NUDE fresh produce and when you get home simply pop your fruit & veggies straight into your snuggly Swag sleeping bags and you'll say goodbye to toxic plastic and hello to tasty, crisp, happy fruit & veggies that stay fresher for MUCH longer. Yay! For just $9.95

Height 30cm. Length 40cm, Width 8cm.

Orders over $40.00 receive FREE POSTAGE AND HANDLING Throughout Australia!

FOR FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING simply round up your 'like minded' friends to receive FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING for International Purchases over $290 Please review disclaimer.

Thank you, for choosing the all Australian Swag – Happy Swagging!


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