The Swag

The Swag

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The Swag

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The Swag

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 The Swag is a Unique, Reusable, Fresh Produce Storage Bag that keeps Fruit & Veggies Fresher for Longer.

How long would you last sealed in a plastic bag or container without air or water? Not long right! Well, it's the same for all living things, therefore if you want your fruit & veggies to stay fresher for much longer, then you need to give them an environment they can thrive in.

The Swag is a non toxic, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, machine-washable, breathable bag, meaning fruit & veggies stay fresher for much longer - naturally. So, it's great for your wallet and good for the environment too!    

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The outer layer provides protection and reduces dehydration of the middle layer


The thick middle layer holds the bulk of the moisture, allowing the fresh produce to breathe and hydrate at their own pace


The inner layer provides a dryer protection barrier

The SWAGS 3-WAY Action

                                        International Patent(s) Pending

The Swag is made out of three different/unique layers (international patents pending). Each layer plays a significant role in keeping your fresh produce fresher for much longer! The outer layer of The Swag protects your fruit & veggies, holds moisture and helps prevent the water in the middle layer from drying up. However, it's the other layers that make the significant difference. The thick middle layer absorbs and holds the water, almost like the inner layer of a babies nappy, it draws the moisture away from the babies bottom, or in this case, away from the fresh produce in your Swag. If too much moisture is up against your fruit & veggies - they'll actually rot quicker! The very inner layer, provides a dryer protection barrier however, also allows your fruit & veggies to draw on air and water as they individually need, in order to stay fresher and nutrient rich for much longer.

I was lucky enough to test "The Swag". I was a bit sceptical at first. I usually buy vegetables as I need them. Meaning I get Vegetables every day or two. One weekend I was going away and noticed I had a limp carrot and a limp piece of broccoli. I knew they wouldn't last the weekend but didn't want to throw them out. I decided I would use the swag. I put them in, moistened the bag and placed them back in the fridge. When I went to use them I was amazed at how fresh and crisp they were! This Swag is Genius! I now buy my vegetables every fortnight, as I can buy more knowing they will stay fresh. And it's great knowing that I'm not using those plastic bags anymore. There is less waste and I'm saving money! Amazing!

Kelda R. - Sydney

Thanks to The Swag, my fruit and veggies are lasting 3-6 times longer than anything else I've ever tried - and I've tried pretty much everything! Thank you!"

Sara - Castlecrag NSW Australia

The Swag is amazing! Veggies are lasting weeks - it's so so good... What a great product - highly recommend!

Ben P - Freshwater

Since using "the swag" I have noticed that I rarely throw away vegetables and oxidation is reduced. I think it is a major advance in keeping fruit and vegetables fresh.

Michele - Hornsby

The Swag has made such a difference in keeping our fruit, vegetables, salad and herbs really fresh for so much longer. I love that we have less waste and using The Swag for storage has also helped organise my fridge and keep the fresh produce healthy and out of plastic bags. It is a very clever product!

Chris T - Glenhaven

I am totally 'sold on The SWAG!' I have been using my Swags for 2 months and no longer have slimy or dried out fruit or veg hiding in the depths of my fridge. By using the Swag I am convinced that my fresh produce not only lasts so much longer but comes out of the Swag crisper and sweeter tasting that when I first placed it in! Very happy indeed!

Suzanne - Glenhaven