The Dangers of Storing Food in Plastic Bags

The negative effects of human behaviour on the environment has become an increasingly hot topic for discussion in recent years, and for good reason. Our planet, which has been around for 4.5 billion years is under threat more than ever before and we must all make small changes in our daily lives to preserve the planet we call home. However, despite the attention brought by go-green campaigns, one habit many people simply can’t shrug off is using too many plastic bags, and for the wrong purposes. We get it, plastic bags are convenient and readily available in our large supermarket chains, but they pose a threat to your health as well as the environment as they are not a natural material. If you are storing food in your fridge or pantry in plastic bags, below are just some reasons you should stop doing so immediately:

Your Food Can’t Breathe
While it’s often been touted that plastic storage bags which create an airlocked seal will help keep food fresh for longer, this simply isn’t true. Our vegetables need space to breath, so removing all air will actually cause them to go bad quicker. Our ‘Swags’ were custom-designed with this in mind, to help your fruit and vegetables breath and stay fresh and tasty as long as possible.

Chemical Overload
Plastics are not natural materials, they are man-made and synthetic, and their manufacturing process involves a cocktail of harmful chemicals. In particular, bisphenol A and phthalates are two of the main offenders in plastic food storage bags. These nasty chemicals can seep into the stored food and contaminate it. Extensive scientific studies have shown that these chemicals are linked to a host of developmental issues within humans including tissue change, hormonal changes, genetic damage and even cancer and fertility issues.

Green Light for Bacteria and Pests
Many people don’t realise that plastic food storage bags can be bitten through by pests and small bugs, as well as being open to bacterial contamination. This means it’s crucial that you wash your fruit or vegetables and remove all dirt before storing them in the fridge. Plastic food storage bags are flimsy and easily torn when adding or removing other items into the fridge, which further increases the likelihood of bacteria spreading. Plastic containers and bags also cling to bacteria, even after they’re put through a dishwasher which can cause serious illness in humans. Here at The Swag, we are an Australian-owned business and we produce organic, natural, breathable fruit and vegetable storage bags and promote environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Our ‘Swags’ are an excellent solution for both carrying and storing goods and will keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. They are also a far more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to other storage options such as plastic bags. Check out our full range on our Shop page now!