Thank you for expressing an interest in selling The Swag at your store. We know a key priority for you is finding non-toxic products that limit food waste and reduce plastic, so we would love to introduce you to our new retail product, Veggie Saver.

Veggie Saver is a medium sized, natural trimmed Swag that comes individually packaged in a compostable box and designed especially for our stockists based on extensive customer research. 

Veggie Saver is designed with the same three-layered, intelligent patented technology as The Swag - scientifically proven to keep your veggies and fruit fresh, crunchy and nutrient-rich for 2+ weeks in the crisper of the fridge. 


Veggie Saver is now available for wholesale distribution! Fill out our 'Become a Stockist' form here and a sales representative will be in touch with you directly.


We are excited for you to meet Veggie Saver and we trust that this new product will be a strong and strategic next step in your environmental buying plan.