The Three Most Common Steps Missed When Using The Swag

We tend to get the same questions or concerns from our Swag fam, and we often discover that one of three steps are missed by our Swaggers when they use The Swag for the first time.

Chances are, you've missed at least one of these steps too - but that's OK - we're all in this together and this will give you all the help you need to get into your scientifically proven Swag groove!


1. Wash your Swag:

It’s labelled on The Swag, on the swing tag and the instruction booklet included a – but we get it – you’re excited and you just want to get Swagging! But this is possibly the MOST important step when it comes to using The Swag and this is for two reasons:

When you wash The Swag, it ACTIVATES the different fibres within the multi-layers. It relaxes and expands the fabric, plumping it up and allowing it to be as absorbent as possible.
The other reason is because our 100% natural Swags are hand made – meaning they are handled by many people along the chain, from the makers to the manufacturers to the packers, so it's important to clean them before putting your fresh produce inside.

Tip: Cold machine wash your Swags with natural laundry detergent, e.g. Soapberries or a plant based detergent. If you don't have either of these, wash your Swags with your regular detergent. Take them out of your machine, douse your Swags in vinegar (white or apple cider) and pop back in the machine and put on a rinse cycle - this removes any soap residue and returns your Swags back to their natural state (meaning they will have no fragrance!). 


2. Clean out your fridge:

You’ve made considerable effort (and purchases!) to help reduce food waste, so it’s extremely important to house your Swags (made from 100% natural materials) in a clean fridge.
It may look clean when you open the fridge door, but there may be undetectable bacteria and mould growing.
So we strongly encourage all of our Swaggers to do a thorough clean and wipe out of their fridge using white vinegar (do not dilute). Vinegar is a powerful mould-and-mildew killer with antibacterial and antifungal properties that reduces, limits the growth of and kill food-borne pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, the acid vinegar breaks down the grease and grime on just about any kitchen surface and neutralises odours.

Tip: Clean your fridge (and we mean, every nook and cranny!) with vinegar on a regular basis, once a month should do the trick, and make sure your fridge temperature is set between 1-4 degrees Celsius. 


3. Wash your fruit and veggies:

Ok, you’ve washed your Swags, you’ve cleaned out your fridge and now you’re ready to get Swagging.
But hold up! Just like your fridge, your fruit and veggies can harbour bacteria. So we encourage our Swaggers to soak their fresh produce in a white vinegar or apple cider vinegar bath for 15 minutes to remove dirt, bacteria and germ form your fresh produce, and then leave to drain dry, pat or spin dry before storing your produce in your Swags. Now all your produce is ready to eat and cook with. 

Tip: Use three parts water and one part vinegar when giving your fruit and veggies a clean. If soaking fruit in the sink, ensure that your sink is clean first, and make sure you’re using enough vinegar (3:1). 

Following all three of these (commonly missed) steps will not only mean smooth sailing with your Swag, but will also ensure your fruit and veg stay fresh and crisp for as long as possible!