Swag Wine Chill & Carry Set

  • $29.99

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Entertaining? Remove single-use plastic from the party! 

What makes our Swag Wine Chill & Carry Bag Set so special, is that it comes with a single bottle carry bag made from natural jute, featuring a protective, liquid-proof inner lining and a cane-wood handle PLUS a removable, reusable, internal Quick Chill bag made from The Swag’s patented multi-layer design, which helps absorb moisture and allow airflow as well as help keep your bottle the perfect chill 👌🏻.

Simply place your wine bottle in the Quick Chill bag, run it under a tap to dampen, and then place in the freezer (or fridge) for a quick chill before heading out to dine. When you’re ready to head out, place the Swag Chill into the Swag Wine Carry Bag. And there you have it, perfectly chilled wine - sans the plastic. 

If you’re more of a red drinker - just skip the Quick Chill step, and place your red straight into the Wine Carry Bag.

When those unavoidable spills happen, the Quick Chill bag can be machine washed and reused, and the Carry bag can be rinsed under cool water. 

At the end of its (very, very) long life, your Quick Chill bag can be composted.

Due to a manufacturing error, this product is not compostable due to an inner protective lining. This issue has been rectified, with the next delivery designed 100% plastic-free and compostable (available later this year).

1 x Swag Wine Carry Bag  Width: 11cm x Depth: 11cm x Height: 32cm

1 x Swag Quick Chill Bag  Width: 10cm x Depth: 10cm x Height: 30cm with drawstring

    • Ethical & Fair-Trade (SEDEX or SA8000)
    • Wine Carry bag can be simply wiped or rinsed clean using cool water, dry naturally
    • Quick Chill bag can be machine washed and dried naturally, and composted