The Swag Zero Waste Self Care Bundle

  • $64.95

A portion of every Swag product sold goes to Destiny Rescue helping children trapped in modern-day slavery. Learn more.

The Swag Zero Waste Self Care Bundle is for those who want to take care of themselves without costing the Earth. The Clothes Swag can be used as a dry-cleaning bag to pick up clothes from the laundry plus it doubles as a laundry bag! The Beauty Swag Set and its reusable makeup pads are perfect for applying or removing makeup, cleansing, or toning while enjoying a nasties-free cuppa with the Tea Swag Set. The bundle includes;

  • 1 clothes Swag – Width: 69 cm x Height 95 cm and weighs 160 gm
  • 1 Tea Swag Set –  4 x Tea Swags, Width: 50 mm x Length: 90 mm and weighs 48 gm
  • 1 Beauty Swag Set – 15 x Beauty Swags, each 9cm in diameter and weighs 48 gm

With each and every wash the cotton pads will become very soft over time. They can be used more regularly as a makeup remover or toner applicator.

Cold machine was before use. Cold machine wash only and dry naturally.