Has Your Swag Grown Mould?

Got mould? It is very rare and often pure bad luck, but your non toxic Swag can grow mould – it's a 100% natural product after all (and the safest fabric to have up against your food or skin!). Here’s what causes fridge mould to grow on your Swag, what you can do about it, and best practices to prevent it!

The common causes:

The most common source of refrigerator mould is rotting food.

Mould needs moisture, air and prefers a warm or humid environment. Therefore it can also occur in a clean fridge due to varying temperature and/or humidity levels.

Mould spreads through the air and through surface contact. So mould spores can form on food, and travel through air circulation and onto The Swag. Mould loves a dark, damp environment, and fridges are dark most of the time!

Is it dangerous?:

Any type of mould in your fridge is a problem. Mould is toxic and can cause allergic reactions for you or the people in your household.

What to do about it:

If the mould is slight and dealt with quickly, you should be able to eliminate it. Firstly, remove your Swag from the fridge, and apply clove oil or tea tree concentrate to the affected areas of The Swag, dry in full sun, then machine wash and do a vinegar rinse for good measure! The Swag should be fine to continue using after that, although you may need to repeat this process if there are still some spots. It’s also important to do a thorough clean and wipe out of your fridge using white vinegar (do not dilute). Vinegar is a powerful mould-and-mildew killer and it’s our favourite option for fridge cleaning.

If you notice a lot of mould on your Swag, we highly recommend removing it from your fridge immediately and composting it (except for the care label), as mould spores are often difficult to kill. Make sure you clean your fridge thoroughly afterwards. 


Preventing mould from growing on your Swag and in your fridge is definitely better than having to clean it. You can prevent it by washing your veggies (and drying them) before putting them in your Swag, then eating your food before it goes bad and composting food right away if it does start to rot. It's also a good idea to clean your fridge with vinegar on a regular basis, once a month should do the trick, and make sure your fridge temperature is set between 1-4 degrees celsius. Lastly, make sure you have clean hands when handling your Swag, and that all surfaces are clean when you place your Swag on them. This can help prevent any nasty bacteria from making their way onto your Swag. 

Is it mould?:

The Swag is made from unseeded cotton and sometimes the little black cotton seeds that are scattered throughout the Swag fabric can be mistaken for mould. Typically, the seeds are more visible when the Swag is damp and/or held up to the light. If you're not sure and would like clarification, feel free to email photos to info@theswag.com.au. 

For more info, listen to The Swag founder, Peita Pini, talk about all things mould 👇🏻