How To Store Celery in The fridge

Celery is a super-food vegetable that contains antioxidants, calcium, potassium and vitamins, but often we don’t need to use the whole bunch when making recipes, and it can easily result in wastage. This month we’re sharing the best way to store your leftover celery to keep these crunchy stalks fresh for longer, so you can buy in bulk fearlessly and get the juicer ready for a celery detox or a Bloody Mary - whatever mood you’re in 😉.


  • Celery contains 95% of water, so once picked and exposed to air, it quickly loses water and nutrients.
  • Once picked, the end of the stems will dry out, and as for flowers or any leafy greens, it’s best to cut the end of the stalks so they can easily absorb the water stored in the layers of the Swag.
  • Separate your celery stalks, give them a quick rinse, and let them air dry.
  • Due to its long and bulky size, we recommend storing celery in a Long Swag or a Large Swag.
  • If you don’t have enough space in your crisper, you can store your Swag on the shelves, but know that produce prone to wilting needs a high-humidity environment. It’s best to store your celery in the crisper but if you prefer the fridge shelf, it’s alright! But remember to make sure your Swag is always wet. Fruit and vegetables are like us, they need water to survive so, frankly dampen your Swag!

Why plastic bags and containers don’t work as well:

If you like to keep things extra simple, you can also put the stalks in a water-filled jar. This should help keep the stalks crunchy for a few additional days. Don’t forget to change the water from time to time!

It’s important to understand how your Swag works with different vegetables to ensure you make the most of them! You can find other Swag storage tips with other fruits and vegetables on our FAQ page under Fruits & Vegetables. 

We compared the shelf life of celery in a Swag versus without in a fridge for over two weeks. See the results in the video below! 🤯