The Swag’s Annual Plastic & Food Waste Prevention Report (2022-2023)

Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, it's time to give a round of applause to the real heroes of this story: Our Swaggers! In 2022, these savvy shoppers joined forces with The Swag's produce bags to save the planet one trip to the grocery store at a time. In The Swag’s Annual Plastic & Food Waste Prevention Report (2022-2023), we showcase the jaw-dropping results of our combined efforts to reduce food waste and plastic pollution. So sit back, grab a snack (preferably one saved from the jaws of spoilage by The Swag) and get ready to laugh at the absurdity of how easy it is to make a difference!

We are proud to share The Swag’s 2022 Food Waste Prevention Report.

Key findings from the 2022 report showed that The Swag:

  • Prevented 1,675,758.24 kg of fruit and vegetables from entering landfill, which equates to 137,866 kg per month. It also represents the weight of 3 Airbus A380 (the heaviest passenger aircraft on the planet!) put together.
  • All the Orange and Aqua Starter Packs sold (excl bundles) helped save 175,887 kg of fruit and vegetables. This figure equals to 29,314 pumpkins saved from the bin in one year only!
  • Prevented 22,405.67 kg of food waste from entering landfill each month, with all the Twin Bundles purchased
  • On average, one individual Swag helped save 91 kg of fresh produce from ending up in the bin.
  •  Saved 653,224 plastic bags from ending up in the wild with the Produce Bag Set
  • Overall, we saved 24% more in food waste than last year!
  • The Starter Packs saved 67% more fruit and vegetables and 58% more for the Twin Bundle compared to last year
  • Our Produce Bag Set also did an excellent job with 48% more plastic bags prevented from ending up in landfill, compared to last year

How did we calculate and report on our impact?

We assumed that all Swags purchased in 2022 were used weekly, at their maximum capacity (by weight), and added all of our sales of The Swag Starter Pack, The Swag Twin Bundle, Long Swag, Large Swag, Small Swag and Bundles from January 1st  2022 to December 31st  2022. We also assumed that the 4 cotton bags of our Produce Bag Set were used weekly.

This report serves as a testament to our combined efforts and dedication to creating a more sustainable future for all.

In Nov 2022, the National Food Waste Summit took place and recognized that if Australians want to halve food waste by 2030, they’ll have to reduce their food waste by 150kg each year. The Swag can definitely help tackle this dreadful issue!

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