What is the Difference Between The Starter Pack and the Organic Starter Pack?

Quite a few Swaggers have asked us the differences between our best-seller, the Starter Pack, and our brand new Organic Starter Pack so we’ve listed the most important differences in the table below.


The Starter Pack (Original)

The Swag Starter Pack Certified Organic

  • Manufactured in a female-owned and led, SEDEX certified factory
  • Coloured trims for easy fridge organisation
  • Very soft fabric
  • Uses 100% unbleached, unseeded and non-toxic cotton, which is cotton in its rawest and most natural form
  • No chemicals used in the manufacturing process
  • Natural trims
  • Extra soft fabric
  • Uses 100% GOTS certified organic, unbleached cotton (found out more about our GOTS certification here)
  • No use of harmful chemicals in the growing process
  •  Retail price is higher as organic farming generally operates on a smaller scale and production is more labour intensive. Also, without herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals, yields are generally smaller.


As we’re sure you’ve understood, the difference between the two Starter Packs lies in the fabric  of the product,. Ultimately, both are durable, non-toxic, 100% natural, fully compostable and keep produce crisp, fresh and nutrient-rich for 2+ weeks. 

If you’re looking to reduce food waste and seeking an investment to save money on food going  bad, we suggest purchasing a Starter Pack which includes a 12% discount, or a Twin Pack. If you enjoy living organically and want to support organic cotton farmers, then we recommend getting our brand new Organic Starter Pack.


If you have any questions regarding our products, do not hesitate to contact us at info@theswag.com.au