The Swag Sustainable Entertainer Bundle

  • $159.95

A portion of every Swag product sold goes to Destiny Rescue helping children trapped in modern-day slavery. Learn more.

The Swag Sustainable Entertainer Bundle is excellent for those looking to shop and entertain plastic-free and keep their fruit and veggies fresh, crisp and nutrient-packed for longer, save time, money, reduce plastic and food waste. The Quick Chill Bag will keep your favourite bottle of white wine fresh while you carry it in your natural jute Carry Bag. Wear our heavy-duty, 100% natural and sustainable Swag Apron while cooking. Cover your cheese platter, picnic spread with the Food Cover while you’re behind the stove.

The bundle includes;  

  • 1 Small Swag – Width: 37cm x Height: 38cm with flap open or 24cm with flap closed and weighs 112 gm
  • 1 Long Swag – Width: 52 cm x Height: 38 cm with flap open or 24 cm with flap closed and weighs 149 gm
  • 1 Large Swag – Width: 42cm x Height: 52cm with flap open or 38cm with flap closed and weighs 165 gm
  • 1 Apron –  Width: 65cm x Length: 85 cm and weighs 180 gm
  • 1 Quick Chill Bag – Width: 10 x Depth: 10cm x Height: 30cm with drawstring and weights 60 gm
  • 1 Wine Carry Bag – Width: 11 x Depth: 11cm x Height: 32cm and weighs 100 gm
  • 1 Food Cover Set – 1 Small: Width: 52 cm x Height: 38 cm, 1 Medium: Width: 70 cm x Height: 90 cm, 1 Large: Width: 90 cm x Height: 150 cm and weighs 138 gm

Colours may change depending on stock levels.

The Swag is scientifically proven to keep fruit and veggies fresh for two weeks or more*

The Swag is easy to use; cold machine was before use and dry naturally - this activates the fibres, then pop your Swag bag under the tap so it’s slightly damp, wring out any excess water, pop your fruit and veggies inside the bag and store in the crisper of your fridge**. Enjoy 2 weeks or more of fresh, crisp fruit and veggies!

Check every couple of days that your Swag has retained its dampness (give it a drizzle of water whenever it feels dry). We suggest popping your Swag into a cold wash cycle every 2 to 3 weeks (preferably with a non-toxic washing powder). Dry in full sun if possible.

The Swag is purposely oversized and will slightly shrink on the 1st wash. As the Swags are 100% natural and do not contain anti-mould agents, it is important to wipe down your fridge with vinegar regularly and wash your fruit and veggies before storing them in your Swags to avoid bacteria.

*Applied Horticulture Research:  The Swag Storage Testing, 2021 | Broccolini, parsley and blueberries kept in The Swag remained fresh and marketable for more than two weeks. In some cases, storage life increased up to four


Disclaimer: Produce doesn't come with the Bundle.