5 Brands we Love for a Plastic-Free Picnic

It’s finally Spring, time to enjoy a special picnic with our dearest ones. A lot of you know the ins and outs of a special and memorable picnic so why not make it memorable AND waste-free? We’ve gathered our 5 favorite go-to products for an eco-friendly picnic in the outdoors.

Misterrye - Organic straw 

These fully compostable and 100% organic straws are hand sorted by south Australian farmers. The straws from Misterrye provide a new income stream to Aussie families and as well as promote rural employment and organic practices.

The Swag - Grocery bag

Transport your pic nic in a 100% natural jute and heavy duty bag. It can also be used for your weekend farmers markets outings. Do we even need to mention that it is 100% natural and compostable?

The Source - Bulk shop

By bulk shopping, you won’t toss any unwanted plastic and won’t need to bring back packagings or plastic bags with you when you leave the outdoors. You could also use these produce bags to store chips, nuts and treats from your favorite bulk store!

Native Organic - Fabric napkin

Paper napkins aren't recyclable but some of them can be composted depending on the materials they’ve been in contact with (grease, water, soda). Millions of tons of paper napkins are discarded globally each year. These organic cotton fabric napkins are a great swap that can be used for pic-nic, camping, fancy diners which also automatically leads to … saving some money!

The Swag - Vegan wax wrap

Get rid of cling wrap and opt for reusable vegan wax wrap instead. Use it to cover your leftovers and salad bowls as well as wrap these half eaten cheese and fruits. The Swag wrap is made of organic cotton and plant based wax.