Meet The Swag Ambassador - Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Natalie Bassingthwaighte, one of Australia’s leading actresses, performers, authors and singers,  has teamed up with The Swag as the ambassador to help build awareness around household food waste. 

Developed by Sydney mum, Peita Pini, The Swag is the world's first and only, award-winning, non-toxic, sustainable, machine-washable, and compostable food storage and produce bag, scientifically proven to keep fruit and veggies fresh for 2+ weeks.


With the average Australian throwing away over $2,000 worth of food per household each year, The Swag enables Australians to lead healthier lives, reduce the cost of fresh produce to the household budget (by extending the life of produce), save time (longer shelf life means less trips to the shop!) and combat both food waste and plastic pollution.

As a mother of two (Harper, 10, and Hendrix, 8), Nat Bas (45), understands all too well, the frustration parents experience throwing out rotting fruit and veggies every week.


“Since becoming a mum, I have been so aware of how much waste our family makes collectively. And whilst I can’t change the entire world, I can change my own, and that starts in my home, with my family."


Looking for simple and sustainable ways to reduce food waste and plastic pollution, Nat was thrilled to collaborate with The Swag, incorporating the award-winning product bags into her daily life.

I’m now making many micro changes that add up to powerful and positive impacts. From storing my produce in The Swag so that they last longer, to composting and replacing single use plastics with non-toxic reusable items, I know I’m making a difference to this planet and leaving behind a legacy I would want my children to be proud of and follow in their own way. Even just one step at a time.” 


Nat started using The Swag produce bags months ago and hasn’t looked back since, The Swags are scientifically proven to extend the shelf life of fruit and veggies for two weeks or more (in some cases for me it's been 3-4 weeks!). I get so much valuable time back because I don’t have to do as many grocery runs! It’s such a game changer.”

So how does the national icon get the whole family on board with less food waste and plastic? Education.

“The more we teach the kids about our planet and the issues we are facing long term, the easier it is for them to understand that they can play a part in changing the world. I start the conversation when and wherever I can!  When I shop at the markets or the grocery store, I explain why we don't use plastic bags and why we need to be responsible for our own storage and packaging. The more they know, the more they can do to help our planet! Oh and David Attenborough is a big help!”

Stay tuned for more tips and recipes from The Swag ambassador, Natalie Bassingthwaighte!