15 Quick Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Use Everyday

It’s been highly published in recent years just how big of a negative impact plastic product are having on our environment and the world around us. Here at The Swag, we’re very passionate about sourcing alternatives to plastic and below are 15 quick tips for drastically reducing your individual plastic usage:
  1. Use a re-usable cup for your coffee fix preventing plastic lids or cups being needlessly thrown away each time.
  2. Buy cardboard boxes instead of plastic bottles where possible, for items such as laundry powder or dishwashing tablets.
  3. For your grocery shopping use a reusable cotton bag instead of the plastic bags available. These have the added benefit of being sturdier and even trendier!
  4. Avoid plastic straws. If you like drinking with a straw, invest in a metal or glass straw instead which can be washed and used over and over. It will also look a lot cooler so win/win!
  5. Avoid fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic, instead opt for fresh produce from a farmer’s market or grocery store and keep it loose in your basket – you’ll need to wash it before eating anyway.
  6. Use your own re-usable containers for buying fresh meat, cheese and fish from butchers or delis.
  7. Buy refills for soaps etc instead of a new dispenser every time as this is a waste of the plastic foaming heads each time.
  8. Dump the plastic toothbrushes for their bamboo counterparts.
  9. Use a reusable metal or electric razor instead of disposable plastic razors as these really add up over time and the quality of reusable razors is generally far superior.
  10. Don’t store your fresh fruit and vegetables in plastic bags or containers. There are many downsides to this including the produce going rotten much faster. Instead invest in our ‘swags’ which are reusable, breathable and made form natural materials resulting in far less wasted produce and your fruit and veggies lasting much longer!
  11. Carry your own water with you in a reusable bottle rather than buying plastic bottles constantly. It has the dual benefit of being free and better for the environment. Why not also consider investing a filter for your tap water for even purer H2O?
  12. For gatherings such as parties or barbecues try and ditch the plastic plates and cutlery. Paper plates and utensils are good alternatives, and some are compostable.
  13. For your ice-cream or gelato fix, opt for a cone rather than a plastic cup/bowl and spoon. They’re way yummier this way anyway!
  14. Keep reusable cutlery in your bag to use when you eat out at fast food restaurants or food courts eliminating the need to use plastic cutlery.
  15. Finally, why not volunteer for local clean-ups every now and then. Get the whole family involved as it’s great bonding time, helps the environment and will leave everyone with a good feeling about themselves.
For more information about our products, visit our shop page and do your bit to save our planet and your money today!