5 Benefits of the Paleo Diet

In recent years, there has been massive talk around the Paleo Diet here in Australia. Celebrity chefs including Pete Evans have been huge advocates of this way of living due to the long list of health benefits associated with it. The Paleo or ‘Caveman’ diet involves eating food which our ancestors may have eaten up to 200,000 years ago. It eliminates all processed foods and strips our food intake back to a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, organic grass-fed meat and fish and seafood. Given the nutrient-dense nature of the diet, there are many health improvements which accompany it. Below are just 5 of the main benefits of the paleo diet:

Better Physical Shape
Needless to say, following the Paleo lifestyle will have a positive impact on weight loss and muscle growth, especially when combined with an active lifestyle. The high amounts of the protein associated with the diet, fuel muscle mass and the elimination of sugary, processed carbohydrates will uncover a lean, toned physique.

Improved Sleep & Mental Health
While diet is the cornerstone of the paleo lifestyle, it also promotes a more holistic approach to your health in general. This means promoting healthy habits and routines and reducing clutter in your life such as the amount of time spent on digital devices where possible. As a result, you should expect improvements in the quality of your sleep and your mental health as you embrace this new way of living.

Eat Amazing Food!
At first glance, it's easy to understand why some people may imagine the paleo diet to be quite limited. In reality, it’s quite the opposite! Just like the vegan diet, those following the paleo lifestyle have been very creative and resourceful and there are numerous paleo books and recipes available online of delicious dishes which replace ‘standard’ ingredients with paleo-friendly alternatives.

Less Cravings
The paleo diet is based on a high intake of protein and healthy fats (smoked salmon, avocado, nuts etc) rather than processed, sugar-laden foods. Once your body adjusts to the new idea, you will have far fewer cravings for these unhealthy meals or snacks.

Environmentally-Friendly Living
The paleo diet is all about consuming organic, local, fresh and seasonal produce which is better for you along with the farmers and the environment around us. The meat which is eaten as part of the paleo diet should be grass-fed and pasture-raised where possible, which gives the animal a better quality of life as well as making your food tastier and healthier. Here at The Swag, our breathable, reusable, natural food storage bags will help keep your fresh fruit and vegetables last far longer than if they were stored in plastic.