5 Tips For a Zero-Waste Camping Trip

Thousands of caravaners and campers have used The Swag range over the past 6 years, and our recent feature in the well-known Caravan World Magazine is a rewarding acknowledgment that some of our products are adored by both eco-warriors and money-savvy travellers. 

If you’re looking for awesome, eco-friendly, non toxic products to bring with you on the road, that’ll help reduce your waste and lighten your footprint, then read on! 

  • Swag Produce Bags Set - This set of 4 cotton bags is a must-have in every kitchen, car and grocery bag! Ditch the plastic bags at the grocery store and transport your groceries waste-free. You can also use these as cheesecloths, plant-milk strainers, store kids toys, or give to kids to carry stones they find in the wild - the options are endless! 

  • The Swag - Whether you have a small fridge or only a cooler, you can still use The Swag to house your favourite fruit and vegetables longer while camping. The Swag will spare you unnecessary (and often difficult) trips to the nearest supermarket and save you gas money as well as grocery money in secluded areas where food is often more expensive than in bigger cities. It also keeps your produce nutrient-rich for longer, meaning you can enjoy fresh produce for longer trips and reduce food waste!

  • Swag Dish Soap Bar - This beautifully scented 100% natural dish soap will save you space and replaces six regular bottles of liquid dish soap, lasting one person about six months! The natural ingredients of the soap bar also make this product grey water safe, meaning it won't harm the earth or wildlife.

  • Lunch Swag - Swap out plastic containers that often take up lots of space and leach toxins into your food for a cute Lunch Swag. This mini sandwich cotton bag can store your sandwiches, nuts, snacks, pre-cut vegetables and fruits for when you go on a walk or hike. It takes no space in a backpack and has a back pocket to store an ice pack or cutlery. Plus, it helps you reduce the use of cling wrap!

  • Food Cover - Do you enjoy entertaining and hosting picnics and barbeques with your friends and family? Keep hungry bugs and flies away from your food with the Food Cover Set. This set includes 3 covers of different sized to fit any platter, and won’t fly away thanks to the little pockets on the corners that can hold a stone!