Frankly, My Dear, You Should Give A Damp

The magic of The Swag lies in the patented multi-layers that all work harmoniously together to hydrate and allow your fruit and veggies to breathe, providing the optimal environment for produce to thrive in. The Swag is scientifically proven to keep fruit and veggies fresh, so if you’re not seeing two weeks of optimal freshness (on average) then most often, your Swags are either too dry or too damp. So let’s explore just how damp your Swag should be, as well as how to, how much and how often to dampen them!

How should The Swag feel at ideal dampness:

You want a “dry-damp” which is similar to pulling your washing out of the washing machine (after the spin cycle). 

How do you know if The Swag isn’t damp enough?

When The Swag is at ideal dampness, it will feel cold to touch. As it dries out, it will actually go from feeling cold to feeling warm or neutral to touch. That’s when you know you’ve got to apply some water.

What's the best/easiest way to dampen The Swag?

When dampening a clean dry Swag, do so before you put your fresh produce into it. Make sure you dampen your non toxic Swag from the outside layer only and wring out any excess water. The inside of the Swag should be dry in parts and not noticeably wet. Too much dampness is not good for your fruit and veggies, so if you’re not seeing the results you’re expecting, then you’re probably applying too much water to your Swag.

When re-dampening your Swags in the crisper, simply pour a glass of water over them. You don’t need to take any of the contents out, infact, you don’t even need to take your Swags out of the crispr, as they will absorb all the water! Alternatively, keep a glass, spray bottle filled with water in your fridge (which also acts as a reminder!) and give your Swags a good squirt (not a fine mist - you want to give it the same amount as what would be in the glass).

If your Swags are stored on the shelf in the fridge, remove them from the fridge, and hold your Swag under the tap in your sink, moving The Swag back  and forth under and away from the tap a couple of times, then place them back onto the shelf. 

How often should you dampen The Swag?
This all comes down to each and every individual fridge, and where you store them within the fridge. Modern fridge crispers can keep your Swags the ideal dampness for up to two weeks! Ultimately though, you know your fridge best, and it will take a couple of weeks to get to know how your Swags respond to your particular fridge - this will be the most important relationship to get your head around for optimal freshness!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Swags will dry out a lot more and a lot quicker when stored on the fridge shelf compared to the crisper so you will find that you will need to dampen them a lot more and often.