How to Keep Cucumbers Fresh Using The Swag

No one likes a mushy cucumber!The Swag helps you keep cucumbers crunchy and nutrient-rich for weeks, even 100% certified organic cucumbers! Here’s a few tips to ensure you’re making the most out of your cucumbers with this simple storage hack! 

  • Cucumbers are made up of around 96% water – that's the highest water content of any food. Similarly to leafy greens, loose leaves and herbs, cucumbers are best stored in a slightly dampened Swag. Too much added moisture can cause cucumbers to go soggy or mushy.
  • After washing cucumbers (apple cider vinegar is ideal!), we highly recommend patting them dry with a Swag Non-paper Towel or tea towel before storing them away. They hold so much water that it’s super important to ensure they are dry before storing in a damp Swag. 
  • Cucumbers are fragile, so don’t put them at the bottom of your Swag or underneath heavier vegetables. They’ll be easily squashed or go soggy before you have time to eat them!

Tip: If you have cucumbers that look too sad for a salad, make a Tzatziki or a cold minty cucumber soup.

It’s important to understand how your Swag works with different vegetables to ensure you make the most of them! You can find other Swag storage tips with other fruits and vegetables on our FAQ page under Fruits & Vegetables. 

We compared the shelf life of cucumbers in a Swag versus without in a fridge for over two weeks. See the results in the video below! 🤯