How to Properly Store Vegetables using your Swag Produce Bag

During the Aussie summer, storing fruit and veggies isn’t always easy, as they can deteriorate very quickly in the heat and humidity. The solution is to use The Swag fruit & vegetable bags, which are ideal for keeping your produce healthy and fresher for longer in the crisper of the fridge or pantry. Let’s take a look at some of these options.

Using The Swag fruit & vegetable bags in the fridge

Made from  multi-layers of 100% biodegradable, unseeded and unbleached cotton, The Swag bags are perfect for keeping your produce fresh for two weeks or more. Simply dampen down The Swag and fill with fresh produce and place into the crisper of the fridge. Your produce can actually breathe and hydrate while in the bag, keeping all their valuable nutrients fresh, instead of suffocating and deteriorating in plastic bags or storage boxes. We have Swag bags that are designed to keep all your loose produce safely together and healthy, available in different sizes to fit most produce. For example capsicums, chillies, tomatoes and fresh peas, as well as asparagus, carrots, grapes, rhubarb, lettuce and lots of fabulous berries! In fact, any fresh produce that you would normally store in the fridge can be kept in our fruit and vegetable bags, keeping them fresh for MUCH longer!

Using The Swag fruit & vegetable bags in the pantry

The pantry is a cool dry place that can safely store all your bananas, potatoes, limes, lemons. These will fit nicely into The Swag bags, allowing them to stay fresh at room temperature, whilst keeping them away from fruit flies. Other foods that can be stored in your pantry include garlic and onions. We also have Organic Bread Swags that can be used to keep Artisan and Sourdough bread. Again, this is because The Swag bag allows the bread to breathe and prevents moisture from softening the bread and making it mouldy. You can store your bread either in the pantry or fridge, and you can also keep it for longer in the freezer. When you have your food out on the kitchen bench or table, The Swag also provides a toxic free Food Cover Swag Set that keeps your food free from insects. You can keep your bread free from flies under our food covers, as well as cheese platters, cakes, pastries and salads. Since these covers are lightweight, to prevent them from blowing away in the breeze, they have little pockets at each corner where you can place a small stone from the garden, giving it the weight it needs to remain in place.

Using the Tea Swags to make healthy tea!

These lovely little Tea Swag have a drawstring that keeps all your tea ingredients safely inside so that you can brew your favourite cuppa in toxic free comfort. You can even store many of your tea ingredients in our Swag bags, keeping them healthier for longer. Why not check out our full line of 100% natural Swag products and start living a waste-free and plastic-free happy life!