What Happens to Our Bodies When We Eat More Vegetables?

It’s one thing many of us are guilty of. While we’re educated from a young age that fresh vegetables are one of the most important parts of our diet and should make up a significant portion of it, many of us simply don’t consume as many vegetables as we should. To try and encourage those of you reading this blog of the importance of eating veggies, we’ve outlined some of the health benefits of getting our 5 a day:

1. You get enough vitamins and minerals
Fresh vegetables and fruit for that matter contain many vital vitamins and minerals necessary to facilitate optimum health. These nutrients reduce the risk of disease and slow down the ageing process due to their positive impact on skin elasticity among other things. Cheaper than that expensive anti-wrinkle cream, right?

2. You’re less likely to gain weight
Hardly a shocking side effect of consuming enough vegetables but it massively reduces the risk of weight gain and subsequent obesity. Vegetables are quite filling meaning less room for junk food, however, they are also generally low in calories so if you want that flat tummy, eat your greens!

3. Your digestive system will improve
Vegetables are naturally high in fibre which is instrumental in your digestive system working as it should. To avoid constipation however you must also stay adequately hydrated as your dietary fiber intake increases. Bowel function will also improve as your body adjusts to a more vegetable-dense diet.

4. Your likelihood of suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression will decrease
If we think of comfort food, we generally think of foods full of carbohydrates, salt and sugar however ironically vegetables actually have a far more comforting effect on our bodies. Eating vegetables when we feel stressed boosts necessary Vitamin C and magnesium levels and vegetables are also plentiful in Vitamin B and Omega-3 fats which have been proven to have a positive impact on depression and anxiety.

5. Your risk of sickness and disease is lessened
Eating vegetables has been linked to stronger immune systems which means you’re less likely to pick up colds and other sicknesses but vegetable consumption over time can also reduce the risk of serious sicknesses such as cancer, diabetes and strokes as they are rich in anti-oxidants including Vitamin C, Vitamin E and carotenoids.

Why The Swag helps
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Photo credit: Ella Olssen, Fresh and Clean