5 (Other) Ways to Use Your Swag Produce Bags

You may be surprised to know that our Swag Produce Bags are quite versatile - in and out of the kitchen! From being your #1 sidekick when shopping for loose leaves or nuts, to everyday storage, your Produce Bags are sure to keep you covered! Continue reading to find out how to get the most out of your Swag Produce Bags! 

1. Use it as a cheesecloth/strainer 

Do you enjoy making your own cottage cheese, or fancy yourself to be a coffee connoisseur? Your Swag Produce Bags are the perfect filter for both, and much more! The fabric works as a finer sieve than metal, and can be double layered to strain even the smallest of coffee grounds! Now you can enjoy the full cup of coffee and not leave that little bit at the bottom behind! 

2. Hold your herbs and spices together

Similar to a bouquet garni (French for wrapping a bundle of herbs in string to add flavour to stews and soup), our produce bag is perfect for throwing in all your favourite herbs and spices for cooking, and is easy to remove afterwards! Preparing a feast for dinner just got easier now that you don’t need to fish around for the herbs and spices after you’re done with them! Our Tea Swags are another great tool that can be used as spice bags as well! 

3. Filter used oil 

Oil can be reused again and again, but should be filtered between each use. Our produce bags are finely meshed and are perfect for filtering out any nasties you don’t want in your next cook! After filtering, store in a tightly sealed glass jar in a cool, dry place. Click here to find out more about mindful oil usage and other tips to dispose of your used cooking oil.

4. Transform yoghurt into Greek yoghurt or labneh

Do you know the difference between regular yoghurt and Greek yoghurt? Straining! All you have to do is strain your regular yoghurt with a very fine sieve (such as our produce bags) and wait until it gets to a consistency that you want. If you strain it further, this will eventually become labneh - a delicious tangy dip! Make sure you save the leftover liquid (a by-product called whey) for smoothies! 

5. Make your favourite nut milk

Creating your own nut milk is always better than buying it from the grocery store. You can control the sugar content (if desired), and it tastes fresher, creamier and overall better! Simply soak your favourite nuts overnight in the fridge, drain and rinse, blend with fresh water, and strain with a Produce Bag! Keep the leftover nut pulp to add to smoothies, pancakes or your next baking venture! 

Our Produce Bags are guaranteed to give you bang for your buck! Best part? They are 100% natural, reusable, and fully compostable! A big win no matter what you decide to use them for. Share your favourite ways to use the Swag Product Bags with us here!