4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Organic Bread Swag

Have you, bread-lovers, wondered how your favourite sourdough should be stored? Since launching the Organic Bread Swag, we often receive feedback, tips or questions from our wonderful Swag fam. So, we have compiled all of it, and developed the top four tips (that answer all the common questions) to help you make the most our of your Organic Bread Swag, so you can enjoy a crispy bread loaf, sans the plastic!

1. Store fresh, unsliced bread

The Organic Bread swag is made to store unsliced and fresh bread. Air is what makes your bread go stale quicker, and that’s why we strongly recommend you only store unsliced bread in your Organic Bread Swag. Renowned, Sydney baker, Anneka Manning confirmed in this article that bread made without preservatives (usually home-made or artisan) is often best eaten as fresh bread within a day or two of being baked. Preservatives added to bread, does exactly that, preserves bread. Artisan bread - usually made with no preservatives or additives - is generally a more natural product and, because of this, will stale more quickly.

Tip: To help keep your bread fresh, keep the drawstring tightly wrapped around the end of the Bread Bag as this helps push out any excess air. 

2. Avoid processed bread

The Organic Bread Swags are designed to store freshly baked loaves such as artisanal or sourdough bread loaves, rolls, or sticks, and will generally give just one extra day of freshness. Processed bread from the store lasts longer because they contain preserving additives.  They are then stored in plastic, which prevents air seeping through and drying out the loaf  (convenient but not fun for our health right?).


NB: The Organic Bread Swag does not get the same results the Original Swag delivers of 2+ weeks of amazing freshness for fruit and veggies, it may give you an extra day or two of freshness for your bread - however, the main benefit is that your bread is not sweating in toxic plastic. ✅

3. Avoid bread that comes in a plastic bag

If you are purchasing bread that comes in a plastic bag, we recommend that you continue keeping it stored that way, as this is how those bread companies have designed their bread to be best stored for longevity. When you do choose to go plastic-free with your bread selection, take your Organic Bread Swag with you at the point of purchase (a local bakery for example) and pop straight into the bag, or have your Organic Bread Swag handy when making your own. If you live in a smaller household, and don’t tend to get through your loaf in two days, simply place your bread in your Organic Bread Swag and store in the freezer, like you would any bread, and use as needed.

4. Take external factors into consideration

Sun, temperature and humidity in the air can affect the longevity of your bread. Storing your bread at room temperature, about 20°c (68°F) is the best temperature to keep bread at its freshest. Ensure your bread is stored out of direct sunlight and in a dry place to keep your bread fresh for longer.

Tips from our The Swag team

  • If your bread comes stored in a brown paper bag, keep it in the bag and put the whole thing (including paper) directly in your Bread Bag.
  • If your bread goes stale before you get to finish it, slice and freeze your loaf for toasting up to three months down the road!
  • The Organic Bread Swag is multi-functional, and if it doesn’t work with your bread choice/habits, it can actually be used like a DRY Swag in the pantry… perfect for Potatoes, root veggies or pumpkins.

Don’t forget; When used to store bread, always keep your Organic Bread Swag dry. It can be either stored on the counter, fridge or freezer, what ever works for you and what keeps your kitchen organised!