The Swag is (finally) going certified organic!

The Swag is now the world's first, award-winning, 100% GOTS Certified Organic, non-toxic, reusable, machine-washable, fully compostable food storage and produce bag, scientifically proven to keep fruit and veggies fresh for 2+ weeks.

Since day one, we’ve been looking for ways to create The Swag with certified organic cotton. In our research, we discovered that certification has to be done at every step from growing, toginning, to spinning, until the product reaches the end-user (that’s you!).The cost of certification is very high which makes it cost-prohibitive for many farmers who grow cotton out of India and China (the world’s leading cotton producers). We also came across several factories or mills who illegally paid for organic certification, however their product supplied was not organic nor certified. It is so important for our business that we sell a product we are 100% confident is 100% organic.

We’ve been looking for the most ethical and reliable partners to grow and manufacture organic cotton for years, and we are now super excited to launch our best-selling Swag Starter Pack made from GOTS certified organic cotton

Our Starter Pack is both GOTS and intrinsically ECOCERT certified. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. This certification is important to textile processors and manufacturers can export their fabrics and garments with one organic certification that is accepted in all major markets. This transparency also gives us (the business) and you (the consumer) the power to choose truly organic materials and products sourced from green supply chains.

What does GOTS certification guarantee?

  • Environmentally friendly production and processing processes
  • Respect and improvement of working conditions (The Swag is handmade out of India using SEDEX or SA8000 certified factories using ethical and fair-trade practices)
  • Promotion of the use of fibres from organic agriculture
  • Prohibition of hazardous inputs such as toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents etc.

What does it mean for you?

Until now, all of our Swag products were made from unbleached, unseeded cotton which is cotton fabric in its rawest and most natural state. We chose this material to have a short manufacturing process and to avoid antibacterial agents (that are extremely toxic) so you can house your fresh produce in a chemical-free produce bag. It's all about your health and wellness. Our GOTS Certification now means that you can confidently shop your favourite Swag products with peace of mind that your purchase meets high-level environmental criteria, and directly supports organic cotton farmers. 

We aim to make all of our products with certified organic cotton in the future and will be rolling this out over the next 12 months.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!