Your 2022 Zero-Waste Kitchen Guide

If creating a zero-waste kitchen is your 2022 New Year’s resolution, we’ve created the guide just for you! Have a green start to your year by replacing toxic, plastic products with these eco, plastic free, 100% natural alternatives!

  • Produce Bag
  • The Produce bags can be very versatile! You can not only bring them to the supermarket to store your produce and avoid plastic but also use them as a cheesecloth or strainer for plant-based milk! Lighten your bin with less milk carton and cheese packaging.

  • Dish Soap Bar and Dish Brush Bundle
  • 11.92 Million Australians have bought dishwashing liquid in 2019. Can you imagine how many bottles go to waste yearly, only in Australia? On top of that, The usual kitchen sponge is today made out of cellulose but the scrubby part is often made of polyester and nylon, which are both non-biodegradable materials that will likely end up in our waterways and body at some point! Forget about your old habits and swap the dish sponge and dishwashing liquid for a Dish Soap Bar & Dish Brush Bundle that will last you MONTHS. You can also buy the Dish Brush and Dish Soap Bar separately in case you already have one of the two!

  • The Swag
  • Our classic and hero product, The Swag Starter Pack will have you covered. It will keep your produce fresh, crisp, nutrient-packed for longer, 100% naturally (we’ve got the science to prove it!). If you hate food waste, plastic and simply want to save money, The Swag bag is for you!

  • Veggie Brush
  • The produce we bring home is covered with chemicals, spores and many fingerprints that carry bacterias. It is very important to wash your fruit and vegetables before storing them away in your fridge/Swag. Simply fill your sink with water and a bit of white vinegar and gently scrub your produce with the Veggie Brush to get rid of all the nasties.

  • Swag Wrap
  • A Plant-Based Reusable Food Wrap will help you ditch the toxic cling wrap once and for all! Use The Swag Wrap to cover your cut fruit such as a ripe avocado half or juicy tomato, or use it to cover salad bowls and leftovers!

  • Non-Paper Towel
  • If you’re still using paper towels to remove oil from your pans or greasy food, you need to have a look at our Non-Paper Towel. These 100% natural & reusable Non-Paper Towels are the perfect, eco-friendly swap for paper towels that are made from precious tree-wood pulp that often ends up in landfill and can contain harmful and toxic chemicals. These are also a lovely substitutes for paper napkins.

  • Tea Bag
  • Basic tea bags found in supermarkets are full of chemicals and plastics that will also infuse in your daily drink. Not fun! Get your favourite loose tea from your local bulk shop (or make your own) along with a cotton tea bag from our Tea Bag Set. More than tea, the bag can also be used to store your soaps scraps and wash your hands before cooking! (Link to reel)

  • Organic Bread Swag
  • The awarded, Bread Swag, also acclaimed by a Anneka Manning is for those who get fresh bread and pastries from the bakery and want to ditch single-use plastic and paper. 

  • Food Cover
  • Keep your food safe and free from flies and bugs while entertaining with a Food Cover Set. If you’re feeling the breeze? our Food Covers feature little corner pockets to insert a small stone to keep your food covers in place on those windy days.

  • Lunch Swag
  • Surely one of our cutest products loved by all ages, the Lunch Swag is ideal to store sandwiches, nuts, snacks for work/school but also to store ginger, turmeric, garlic in the pantry.

    Guess what? These aren’t the only swap outs we have on offer! Shop our full Swag collection to see what other areas you can go zero-waste!